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Inactive blog

So I hardly post here, but it doesn't mean that I wanna lose my account or something. I don't get it, that they're gonna delete the blogs that hardly active and only post less that 2 posts a day?

Huffington Post Just Posted My Video

Woooot! Huffington Post posted my fan video of Veronica Mars-Mad Men intro! They wrote an article about Jon Hamm who is a big supporter of Veronica Mars movie, and they added 'what if the two shows combined?'. Scroll down the article, and you can see my fanvid. If only I have the ability to make great videos, I would probably make more. I made that video using Windows Movie Maker for crying out loud!!! So embarrassing, LOL!


Well, I am thinking about making another VM fanvid again. Unfortunately, I don't have any good tools. So I'm just gonna use WMM again.

I'm trying to figuring out who Geneva was supposed to be, like which Companion in Doctor Who.

Tumblr is really pissing me off nowadays

I don't know what the hell happened to tumblr. It seems this kid (I assume) accusing me of stealing her post. I was like, WHAT THE HELL? Apparently I reblogged her post, and deleted her name because I wanted to have a clean post. But I still reblogged it. The notes were like 30,000 notes and it was definitely a reblog post. She messaged me and gave me an attitude that I stole her post. So I basically told her off and told her via dash, I don't know whether she read it or not, probably not, that I didn't steal her post. If I stole her post, she wouldn't know! HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? I have to deal people stealing MY GIFS and POSTS, and now I have to deal with this crack?

She didn't say sorry, but she did "apologize" for being sarcastic because she didn't understand why I got angry. I'm not allowed to get angry, but she was allowed to get prissy on me? So basically I feel like I have to deal with the younger people giving everyone attitude in tumblr. I immediately blocked her, but I still cannot let go. Someone told me to let it go and be a mature one. I guess I have to.

Tumblr used to be great, all I have to do is happy being in a fandom. But now? These kids have no respect to others. Although I'm still hanging out on tumblr, but it just feel awful nowadays.

The other day, some posters were sending this user an anon message and called her FAT AND GO KILL YOURSELF or something. I was totally horrified that there are people are hiding behind anon and sending people these kind of messages. I told the user to disable the anon messages. It's no use. Tumblr used to be fun, and now it fills with these disrespectful people.

Wow, Tumblr can be such an asshole

Especially from Veronica Mars tags. Look, I don't mind people are posting my GIFs as long they cite the source. And I don't even mind if they're using it to make some points or comments, that's the whole point of using tumblr. But to repost it and claim it as their own (EVEN WHEN THERE'S A WATERMARK OR MY NAME ON IT) is such an ass thing to do. And then AFTER I made a point about it on tumblr, suddenly people ACTUALLY deliberately STEALING the GIFs and post them proudly. I saw two or three different users posted my GIFs and they were actually saying, "Go fuck yourself."

Fine, you know what. Use it whenever you want. I still have the watermark/name on it anyway. People know it's mine anyway. I should be flattered. I mean, SERIOUSLY. They're not that good! I'm using Windows Movie Maker for fuck's sake. Everyone else know how to use Photoshop or whatever modern tools, I'm still using primitive tools. I'm making GIFs whenever I'm in the mood. But those who steal the gifs? And actually have the galls to mock? Well, I can't do bloody thing about it, can I? I just hope something they worked so hard will get stolen. I do believe in fucking karma. I know I'm just whining about some stupid GIFs. I can make more. But still, it's fucking annoying.


Kristen Bell Just Tweeted Me Back

I'm pretty much doing a Bollywood dancing right now. Or some Irish Jig.




“I am what I am, V. Leopard, spots, you know what they say…”



I love his "Bitch, please." look.

Veronica Mars Movie?

I'm DYING here....

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